Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

What Is Staff Augmentation?

If a company is looking to supplement its manpower and also remain financially competitive, resource augmentation is an ideal solution. It is a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables companies to hire staff to their teams based on the additional skills required globally and manage the augmented team directly.
Clients can hire an employee through staff / resource augmentation without making a long-term commitment. Hiring employees for finite amounts of time gives employers flexibility in their project scopes.

Staff Augmentation Benefits

  • No infrastructure investment
  • Reduces time spent on recruitment
  • Eliminates the additional costs of having in-house employees
  • Not bound by geographical limitations

When to choose Staff Augmentation model

  • Maintain full control over the resources
  • Integration with complex internal processes
  • Infusing new skills while still leveraging existing capabilities
  • Filling project team gaps which mainly consist of specialized skills
  • Acquiring more resources to complete an active project
  • Cost effectively managing IT Staffing needs which change frequently

Companies looking to augment their team with skilled resources can rely on GNM because we are equipped with the expertise to handle all organizational and administrative hassles in staffing like screening the candidates, conducting all technical interviews, complete background and reference checks and share the qualified profiles with our client companies. Thus we eliminate the burden of conducting the entire interview process and give opportunity to our clients to deal with their core responsibilities and collaborate with the augmented team the same way they do with their in-house resources.

It’s time to tap into the potential of getting project work done on time with staff augmented resources. Talk to our experts for customized solutions in Staff augmentation!

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