Data Science

Data Science

Data is everywhere, and today, Data Science holds the key to unlocking its complete potential. From harnessing genomic data in life sciences industry to retailers predicting what product consumers are likely to purchase, Data Science allows us to unearth hidden trends and derive useful insights that can drive smarter, better business decisions. We, at GNM Digital Solutions, offer leading-edge Data Science services and solutions right from consulting, data modeling to performance optimization of the models. Drawing our strength from our expertise in predictive analysis, we develop Data Science solutions that allow businesses to derive real-time actionable insights.

Our Data Scientists possess hands-on expertise in various tools and technologies such as Apache Spark, R Studio, Google TensorFlow, Apache Hadoop, Tableau and more, to devise custom-crafted solutions tailored to solve specific business problems. Be it reducing customer churn, optimizing operations, increasing revenues or redefining business strategies, our experts have future-ready solutions to give your business the leverage it needs to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

Our data science expertise lies in the following areas:

Customer segmentation:

Using various data sources, we develop a model that can accurately segment customers allowing you to target personalized campaigns at them.

Predictive maintenance:

In an industry, equipment downtimes and failures can prove disastrous. Identifying the failure patterns early on can cut down significant costs later.

Customer churn:

You never know when a customer ends the association with you, but with Data Science, you can detect the signs early and decrease the risk of churn.

Purchase behaviour study:

Conducting a deep analysis allows us to understand the purchase behavior of a customer, and thus upsell, cross-sell and customize campaigns accordingly.

Operational efficiency:

Through Data Science models, it is possible to pinpoint flaws in the organization’s operations and implement remedial measures until there’s a noticeable improvement.

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GNM Digital Solutions is equipped with the skill, knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of problems that can be solved through Data Science. Talk to our experts for customized solutions!