Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Despite the hype surrounding search and social, email marketing still remains the king of the digital marketing kingdom. With a whopping 4400% ROI, the highest of all marketing methods, email marketing gains the upper hand when it comes to giving your brand the boost it needs without setting aside a huge budget. Proven, economical and most of all, effective, skipping over it can cause you to lose out on significantly in terms of customer engagement and conversions. Over 92% of adults online use it and it’s evident that your customers are likely to check their email every single day. When done right, you can engage with them, get them interested in your brand, increase referrals, drive conversions and more, but yes, only if it’s done right. We know how!

At GNM Digital Solutions, we manage more than just your email marketing campaigns. We know exactly what content your business prospects will be hooked on to and know what it takes to move them from one end of the sales funnel to the next. Right from strategizing to planning an effective marketing campaign to creating emails your customers will love, our email marketing pros know how to maximize the effectiveness of every email that lands in their inbox.

Our services:

Advanced email marketing strategies:

We thoroughly analyze your brand and formulate out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that strike a chord with your prospects.

Custom email design:

Design can speak volumes about your brand. Our artisans take a departure from the conventional and monotonous to create emails that will make you stand out.

Newsletter creation:

Maintaining your opt-in subscriber list and keeping them engaged is a vital part of customer retention. We’ll take care of it all!

Email software integration:

An effective email software is imperative to marketing success. We’ll help you choose the right one and integrate it seamlessly with your operations.

Analytics and reporting:

Every campaign run has a story to tell, and we make sure we sift through the numbers to constantly improve and improvise upon our campaigns.

Get more for less! Start your email marketing campaign with GNM Digital Solutions today.